Каталоги программ американских университетов

1. Advisory List of International Educational Travel and Exchange Programs, 1996-1997.-1996
2. Applying to College and Universities in the United States: A Handbook for International Students.-1995
3.If You Want to Study in the United States. Book 1. Undegraduate Study
4. Jacobs Ian International Student’s Guide to the USA/Ian Lacobs, Ellen Shatswell.-New York,1996
5. Mayher, Bill The College Admissions Mystique/Bill Mayher.-2000
6. NAFSA’s International Student Handbook: A Guide to University Study in the USA.-1996
7. NAFSA’s International Student Handbook: The Essential Guide to University Study in the USA.-1998
8. Shiraev, Eric B. The Accent of Success. A Practical Guide for International Students/Eric B. Shiraev, Gerald L. Boyd.-2001